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Jinder Mahal’s 5 Greatest Moments

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Many fans wondered how Jinder Mahal managed to reach the top of the mountain in WWE. It wasn’t so much about him winning the WWE title but simply how fast he won it. He literally went from enhancement talent to main eventer in a span of a week.  Perhaps fans resisted towards it because they preferred seeing stars built up over time and climbing the ranks.

This has always been the best way to push any superstar and perhaps it could have been the best for Jinder Mahal as well. A United States or Intercontinental title run for a while before pushing him into the main event scene may have been a better alternative timeline. But what’s done is done and reflecting on the 2017-18 that Jinder Mahal had, it’s incredible to think that his career-great moments all happened during this short span of time.

He was the most hated superstar on the roster and whether people deny it or not, improved leaps and bounds. It was very clear when he underwent a physical transformation that he was more motivated than ever and perhaps his push in 2017 made him hungrier than ever.

You’ll find that these moments all happened in a short span of time within each other, so let’s take a look at his 5 greatest moments.

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