(Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images)

Sting’s 5 Greatest Matches

Sting is an icon for the ages. The evolution of his character was one to marvel and he was one of the last true babyfaces in WCW. Considered by many as the greatest superstar in WCW history, he was a homegrown talent through and through. In the age where WCW relied on getting old WWE talent as their top superstars,  Sting stood out as the young gun who stayed loyal to the company till the very end.

Who can forget his iconic feud with the NWO? That was the hottest storyline in all of wrestling at the time and was a huge factor in WCW constantly beating WWE in the ratings. Of course, that was his “Crow Sting” persona, which is perhaps the most remembered evolution of his character. Prior to that, there was babyface surfer Sting, who wore face paint and had beach blonde hair. His body of work during this time is quite underrated.

Even his TNA run saw him have very impressive matches as he went up against a lot of incredible talent, many being young up-and-comers. With that being said, let’s take a look at The Icon‘s greatest matches.

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