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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sting

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sting
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Sting is an icon of not only WCW but of the wrestling business. He’s acknowledged by WWE themselves as the greatest star to never wrestle for the company. While the criticism of his booking during his late WWE run was fair,  they atleast made up for it by making him the headline inductee in the 2016 WWE Hall Of Fame.

Wherever he went, Sting was a top star and it’s no wonder that he was given multiple monikers during his WCW run, such as The Icon, The Vigilante, The Franchise, etc. He defined an era of the company and was the face of the franchise for several years. His impact to the company can’t be understated and his role in TNA was also extremely significant (as you’re about to find out)

But Sting, like every other wrestler, has suffered the burnout of the hectic round-the-year schedule. He’s fallen into bad times and he’s come out of it with flying colors too. The life and times of Steve Borden is certainly an interesting one and we reveal a lot about his life through these five facts.

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