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Scott Hall’s 5 Best Matches

Scott Hall’s 5 Best Matches
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Scott Hall may be one of if not the greatest superstars to never win a World Championship. From his time as Razor Ramon in the WWF, Having lasted over 25 years as a wrestler, Scott Hall went through his own personal hell but had the help from some of the most reliable people possible.

He was famously a part of WWE’s “Kliq” group and when he went to WCW, created an impact instantly. His place in wrestling history can’t be emphasized on enough. Can you imagine the course of wrestling history without Scott Hall? The NWO wouldn’t have been the same and a lot of incredible, history-making moments would not have happened.

He may not have a world title in a big promotion to his name, but people often overlook just how important he was everywhere he wrestled in. He was a featured star and faced some of the greatest stars to ever lace a pair of boots. With that said, let’s take a look at his five greatest matches!

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