Bobby Lashley
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Bobby Lashley’s 5 Greatest Moments

Bobby Lashley’s 5 Greatest Moments
Photo by George Napolitano/FilmMagic

When Bobby Lashley debuted on SmackDown!, he was presented as “The Real Deal” and that moniker was true in every sense of the word. Brock Lesnar may go down as the most legitimate athlete in WWE history but Bobby Lashley isn’t too far behind. His career has seen him take up amateur wrestling at a high level, even within the United States Army. He also boasts of an impressive MMA record of 15-2.

He’s seen much success in his pro-wrestling career but many fans are in the belief that had he stuck with WWE in 2008, he was destined to be a World Champion. His run with TNA, while not successful in 2010, proved fruitful in the second stint. He won 4 world championships with the company. The stint was an important one as he developed significantly as a performer in just a few years before making his return to WWE. He’s had some incredible career moments and let’s take a look at the very best of them.

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