cm punk
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CM Punk’s 5 Best WWE Matches

CM Punk called himself The Best In The World for a reason. Apart from being the best talker of his time, he also happens to be one of the best wrestlers. He made his name at Ring Of Honor, where he’s a former ROH World Champion. His run there was an extremely memorable one and he was cut from the finest cloth as he faced some of the best performers in the world years before they became huge stars.

In WWE, it was no different. Each year that he was with the company, he improved further and the caliber of his opponents continued to increase as well. As you’ll see in this list, he’s faced the cream of the crop at the time and whether he won or lost, he almost always managed to steal the show.

Punk was truly the complete package and he had some of the best WWE matches of the modern era. Let’s take a look at the five best ones.

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