Gail Kim
(Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images)

Gail Kim’s 5 Greatest Matches

Gail Kim’s 5 Greatest Matches

It’s quite a surprise that Gail Kim‘s name is never mentioned in the “all-time great” women’s wrestlers. It’s true that she didn’t have the best run with WWE and may not be on the best terms with them either, but if you really look at her body of work (and for those who have followed her throughout her career), Gail Kim has proven time and again that she’s one of the best female wrestlers in the business.

If you’re not aware, just take a look at her work in TNA. With all the criticism that the company gets, they’ve truly done justice by Gail Kim, giving her the opportunity to showcase her true skill. An elite-level performer, Gail Kim’s love for the business has been evident as she’s had many wars with the women of the Knockouts Division years before talk of any revolution.

It’s incredible to think that she was in the business for 17 years and for that, she was truly deserving of being the first woman to enter the TNA Hall Of Fame. Not many are familiar with her matches in TNA, which is why we reveal her five best matches.

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