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5 Best WWE SmackDown Thanksgiving Celebrations

Through the years, we’ve seen several incredible festivities on the WWE screen. Whether it’s RAW or SmackDown Live, WWE ensures that they don’t really hold back when it comes to their celebrations. They incorporate festivities in their own way, whether it’s food fights, fun backstage skits or even themed matches.

It’s great for a change because we mustn’t forget that WWE, is, after all, entertainment. While it’s great to have serious moments and take the audience on an emotional rollercoaster, it’s always nice to see the company relax a bit creatively and have fun little skits, even if they don’t mean anything in the long run.

Thanksgiving, in particular, is one of the biggest celebratory festivals in the United States, which is why WWE has gone all-out before to make sure that fans in attendance and those watching around the world have a reason to laugh and have a good time. SmackDown has always been the platform for Thanksgiving celebrations, which is why we look at the five best Thanksgiving moments on the blue brand.

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