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5 Best Christmas Themed Matches In WWE History

5 Best WWE Christmas Matches
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WWE loves Christmas as much as all of us do and they make sure that every year, they celebrate the festival and add their own unique spin. It’s been funny, happy and sometimes even dark. But what it’s always been is entertaining. We’ve seen several entertaining Christmas moments in WWE throughout the years, such as Santa Claus being hit with a stunner, Santa Claus hitting a stunner, and WWE superstars getting the better of their rivals and making the crowd happy.

It’s indeed one of the most cheerful times of the year and though the Christmas episodes may not usually involve much storyline progression, it’s fine given that there are 51 other episodes in a year to do that. Let’s take a look at some of the best Christmas-themed matches in WWE history.

#5.) Christmas Present on a pole match – RAW 2013

It was the tail end of the year and Dolph Ziggler definitely didn’t end 2013 like he wanted to. He was World Heavyweight Champion at one point and suffered a concussion dropping the title not long after. By the end of the year, he was in an unimportant feud with Fandango, and perhaps the best thing that came out of the feud was their Christmas Present on a Pole match.

The match description is self-explanatory. The pole was disguised as a giant candy cane and Ziggler and Fandango had a very fun match, with the crowd rallying behind The Showoff. Unfortunately, just like the entire year, that night didn’t go too well for him. He was shoved into steel steps and it subsequently allowed Fandango to pick up the gift. He also earned an Intercontinental title shot with that win.

#4.) Miracle On 34th Street Fight – RAW 2014

The end of the year saw Dean Ambrose involved in a grudge feud with Bray Wyatt. They had plenty of matches together, most of which was won by Wyatt. Ambrose found himself in another all-out brawl with Bray Wyatt and he took it to The Eater Of Worlds in their matchup. There was no Christmas cheer, jolly spirit of anything as such here.

This was two men who detested each other to no end and they looked like they wanted to murder one another. Unfortunately for The Lunatic Fringe, Bray Wyatt once again beat him. It didn’t end all too bad, however, as Ambrose blinded Wyatt with a fire extinguisher before sending him through the table. He may not have had the last laugh but he got a measure of revenge.

#3.) Foley Claus vs JBL Kringle – Tribute to the Troops 2005

The 2005 Tribute To The Troops saw the WWE superstars go to Afghanistan to entertain the men and women serving the United States. An entertaining little segment saw Jonathan Coachman question who the real Santa was. It was Mick Foley who was the good Santa and JBL who was the evil Kringle.

They had a rather short match that saw Mick Foley get the better of JBL, giving the people of the army a little celebratory Christmas moment.

#2.) The Battle for Christmas – RAW 2013

It was a Good Santa vs Bad Santa match up. Mark Henry played the role of Good Santa (also the world’s strongest Santa!) while Damien Sandow played the complete opposite role, trying to ruin the spirit of the festival.

When he got offense on Mark Henry, he would kick down the Christmas tree as well as the gifts, with the crowd booing him on. Thankfully, the match had a great payoff as Mark Henry got the better of  Sandow, first spamming his face with the fire extinguisher before hitting the World’s Strongest Slam. All’s well that ended well for the crowd, as they got the happy ending with the Good Santa winning. They certainly cheered Henry a lot on the night.

#1.) Miracle on 34th Street Fight – RAW 2012

This was an incredibly entertaining match and when you can see that both performers are having fun, it makes it all the more enjoyable. John Cena took on Alberto Del Rio at the end of the year. Just for context: during the same episode, Del Rio had accidentally hit Santa Claus with his car when making his entrance.

The whole roster was after him, and who better to teach him a lesson than John Cena? Despite Ricardo Rodriguez‘s interference, Santa Claus came out and made a return (that actually happened), and he stuffed a sock in Del Rio’s mouth, revealing that it was actually Mick Foley! Cena unleashed the fire extinguisher on Del Rio and hit him with the Attitude Adjustment as the crowd went wild.