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5 Best Female WWE Stars Of 2018

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What a year it’s been for WWE’s Women’s division. The year started off in full swing, with the women getting ready for the Royal Rumble match. Not only was the match successful, but it main evented the PPV. The status of women in WWE has continued to rise, but this time, it’s not just been corporate buzzwords – it’s been organic.

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The women have main evented multiple RAWs and SmackDown Live episode and it’s hardly gone noticed because they were the deserving main event of the night. Obviously, the biggest step forward was Evolution, the first-ever ALL-Women’s PPV.

The coming of Ronda Rousey saw the first major shake-up and it seems like the women are now getting closer and closer to main eventing WrestleMania. Things are only going to get more exciting in 2019 as we see a new batch of female superstars from NXT trying to make their way on RAW and SmackDown Live.

Here were the top 5 female stars of 2018.

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