PAC neville
Photo by Lukas Schulze/Bongarts/Getty Images

PAC’s 5 Greatest Matches

PAC may be one of the best pound-for-pound wrestlers in the world. Years before he joined WWE, he was making a buzz about himself, tearing it up mainly with Dragon Gate.  He was known to be an exceptional talent from Britain and it was only a matter of time before WWE swooped him.

His run with the company would last a total of around five years, give or take. While he was finding success, there were a lot of factors that played into it.  Either way, he left on his own terms, and that’s something that can’t be taken away from him. He chose a good time to leave because by 2018, the wrestling world was quite different from what he was a part of prior to joining WWE.

There were a lot more options for work by 2018, and a superstar of PAC’s caliber would not have to worry about not earning “WWE money”. His work in Japan and across the indies was fantastic, and that alone could earn him a reputation as a top dog. Let’s take a look at his best matches outside of WWE.

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*Note: This list focuses on PAC’s matches outside of WWE*