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5 Legends Who Are Surprisingly Still Not In The WWE Hall Of Fame

The WWE Hall of Fame is validation for many performers and legends of the years of hard work that they’ve put into the business that they love so much. It was first introduced solely to induct Andre The Giant, and in its first year in 1994, he was the only inductee. There were no fancy ceremonies or inductions like there are today, and only in the turn of the 21st century did the Hall of Fame fully come into fruition.

Slowly but surely, it became more systematic, with many legends (and even many celebrities) finding their place in the Hall of Fame. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of the Hall of Fame from WWE’s perspective is that every year, there will be some backlash over another legend not getting their due.

What many fans don’t understand is that WWE only has a limited number of options each year, and whether or not you agree with most of their inductions, not all of them can get inducted at the same time every year.

Rest assured, there will be a point of time where WWE will induct them. After all, there have been legends such as Bruno Sammartino and The Ultimate Warrior who had legitimate bad blood with the company. Even being on such bad terms, they finally managed to re-establish their relationship prior to their passing.

Anything is possible in WWE, but even so, it’s surprising that these names are yet to be etched in the WWE Hall of Fame

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