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Owen Hart’s 5 Greatest Matches

When people think of Owen Hart, they see one of the greatest wrestlers to have never won the World Championship. Those following his career during The New Generation era know the level to which he was mishandled by WWE. In a way, it could be compared to the Dean Ambrose character, in that WWE knew that he had main event potential, but never really tapped in on it unless there was a situation or circumstance that called for them to do so.

Owen Hart very much had the qualities of a main eventer. It could be argued that he was a better athlete than his brother Bret Hart, and there’s no denying he had the charisma as well. Despite having the reputation of being a well-liked guy backstage, Owen Hart found his stride as an obnoxious, annoying heel, letting fans shower him with hate. 1997 was the perfect example of that.

Even prior to his untimely passing, he had a lot of wasted potential but there’s still little doubt that he would have eventually seen World Championship success. In the ring, he was in a class of his own, and even if not on the same level as Bret, he certainly could hang with the very best of them. Here are Owen Hart’s five best matches.

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