5 Greatest Heel vs Heel Matches In WWE History

On numerous occasions, WWE and wrestling fans have been witness to several face vs face rivalries. They’re a lot more common than people realize, especially since there has been quite a lot of money to be made. Two good guys can’t always get along with each other and that has been the basis for many money feuds.

Wrestling in itself has been built around the classic face vs heel dynamic and that has been the one that’s undoubtedly made the most money and made the biggest stars in the industry’s history. The same can’t be said about heel vs heel feuds. Naturally, the occurrence of these rivalries have been far lesser, because there simply isn’t as much money in them.

The reason for that is because people generally want to see villains get their comeuppance from good guys. It’s understandable, but realistically, bad guys don’t always have to get along. Luckily, WWE has had quite a few memorable heel vs heel feuds and we rank the five best matches.

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