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With A Whimper… The 5 Most Underwhelming WWE Money In The Bank Winners Ever

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

The Money in the Bank ladder match was the brainchild of Chris Jericho, introduced to the world in 2005. For the first five years, it was an essential part of WrestleMania – almost like a win-win. That was because it was a ladder match that guaranteed between 6-8 superstars getting on the card and it would also be the perfect time to reveal who the next (or future) world champion would be.

Eventually, WWE decided to turn the gimmick match into a PPV in itself, feeling it was a more marketable strategy. Since then, the MITB match has grown and we’ve seen several more matches, several winners and several superstars etch their name in history. Usually, the MITB briefcase would be won by deserving superstars – those who would use it as a ladder to reach the next level in their careers.

However, the truth is that WWE hasn’t always been perfect with choosing MITB winners. There have been quite a few underwhelming ones over the years and these are the five least-exciting MITB winners ever.

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