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5 Best WWE Matches Of 2003

2003 was an extremely interesting year for WWE. The quality of the product as a whole was top-notch. The brand split was essentially a year into its existence and it was a raging success. Superstars who didn’t get opportunities prior to it suddenly found themselves getting bigger spots thanks to the thinning out of the roster.

One thing is for sure – match quality increased big time in 2003. The return of Shawn Michaels as an in-ring performer the prior year saw not only himself step up to the plate, but others seemingly stepped up to it as well. 2003 also saw the rise of many new young up-and-coming superstars, with many returning, factions being formed and more.

It was overall just a generally positive period of time for WWE. This naturally resulted in many great matches, of which we reveal the five best in WWE. It should be noted that this period also saw a huge increase in match quality in promotions outside such as ROH, NOAH, etc. We’ll cover that in a separate article.

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