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5 Best WWE Matches Of 2007

randy orton
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2007 was essentially the final year of WWE in the Ruthless Aggression Era. A relatively short era, it still lasted longer than the brief Attitude Era. It was certainly an impactful one, but 2007 was the year where WWE began to slowly turn the tides and focus on a more PG-oriented direction.

While it wasn’t a well-received idea at first, in hindsight, it turned out to be a great business decision for WWE, as they would eventually make more money than they ever did. Either way, many considered 2007 an overall step-down in terms of the quality of the product. John Cena being out for a good part of the second half of 2007 certainly didn’t help either, but it allowed Randy Orton to step up to the plate and become a World Champion after three years.

That isn’t to say 2007 didn’t have some great matches, because we actually witnessed some of the best WWE matches of the decade. Here are the five best ones from 2007.

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