Monday Night Wars: 5 Defining Moments For WCW

The sad reality is that history is always written by the winners. The Monday Night War was one of the most defining periods of time in wrestling history. While WWWF and then WWF was generally a successful promotion under Vince McMahon Sr. and then Jr., the younger son who took over the reins of the company felt that the territory system wouldn’t suit the business.

Changing the industry all by himself, he would slowly but surely buy out and end the territory system all by himself, with only a few other promotions being on a similar or slightly lower level. After all, the 80s saw WWF nationalize and get bigger than ever. With WrestleMania growing by the year, there seemed to be no one who could match their level…until there was.

Ted Turner brought out Jim Crockett Promotion in 1988, bringing new life and forming WCW. Five years later, the appointment of Eric Bischoff would be a game-changer. WWF would eventually find themselves on the losing end of a rating war, with WCW’s Nitro giving RAW a run for its money.

Unfortunately for them, a multitude of circumstances saw the company go down under, with Vince McMahon acquiring them in the turn of the early 21st century. Despite all the negative things that led to the downfall, here are five defining moments from WCW.

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