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5 Best WWE Matches Of 1993

1993 was the beginning of the New Generation era for WWE. As a whole, the year 1993 was very average in terms of the quality of product. From an in-ring standpoint as well, it wasn’t as great as one may have anticipated, particularly given that Bret Hart was in the center of WWE programming at this point in time.

Even though Bret Hart was the central figure and the one being pushed the most, it really did feel more as though it was Shawn Michaels’ year. He ran wild with the Intercontinental Championship and put on incredible matches both on RAW (which began in 1993) and on PPV as well.

Many even feel that it was Michaels who helped save a chunk of the programming, with some stating that at one point, the Intercontinental Championship even felt more important. Regardless, it was a historically significant year and the entire New Generation Era felt as though it was one big set up for the Attitude Era.

Either way, there were quite a few top-class matches in 1993 and we look at the best of them.

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