Ric Flair
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5 Best WWE Matches Of 1992

(Photo by Aaron Davidson/WireImage)

1992 was quite an interesting year for WWE. While the major superstars of the Golden Era were still very much present on the roster, it was clear that the era was slowly beginning to see a transition. Ric Flair was obviously the big star of 1992, having won two World Championships in that year and doing a lot in his debut year in WWF.

However, the overall quality of the product was top notch at the time and though it wasn’t the biggest money-making year in WWE history, it’s still a year that people look to and remember fondly. It also had the greatest Royal Rumble match of all time (which we’ll get to later) and it was important because it saw the rise of multiple new stars who would become bigger over the next few years.

There were some great matches in 1992 and we look at the five very best ones.

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