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Rob Van Dam’s 5 Best Impact Wrestling Matches

rob van dam
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

Rob Van Dam‘s tenure with Impact Wrestling has been interesting, to say the least. Prior to his 2019 return, he actually spent less than three years with the company when it was still called TNA. As with many other ex-WWE superstars who jumped ship (though RVD had a three-year gap between WWE and Impact), he was pushed to the top right away, defeating Sting in his very debut.

This was a time when ex-WWE stars were dominating Impact Wrestling left and right and while Van Dam’s TNA run was called “underwhelming” by some, it can’t be denied that he had a huge impact while he was there. He added a level of star power and excitement that hadn’t been seen before and was a featured top star throughout his time there.


While his 2019 run may not be a period of him in his physical peak, he certainly has a lot to offer to the company and fans with his veteran presence. Here are his five best matches with Impact.

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