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AJ Styles’ 5 Best Slammiversary Matches

AJ Styles
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AJ Styles was very much “Mr. TNA” during his decade-long+ tenure with the company. Simply put, he was the face of the company no matter who the top star was and there was a whole lot of talent. If you were to ask anyone who TNA/Impact Wrestling’s greatest homegrown talent was, you’re bound to hear “AJ Styles”.

Simply put, he was as Phenomenal as he claimed to be. A masterful in-ring worker, fans who followed him on his TNA journey know just how much he improved over the years. Having won practically everything there is to win in the company, Styles has been a part of the biggest matches in the promotion’s history and some of the most memorable matches and moments as well.

One PPV in particular where he shined was none other than Slammiversary, one of Impact Wrestling’s biggest PPVs of the year. Here, we look at his greatest matches at Slammiversary. Spoiler alert – It features a lot of Kurt Angle.

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