shawn michaels
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5 Most Short-Lived Retirements In WWE History

Retirements in wrestling don’t always last. We’ve seen many superstars who have retired but always come back in some capacity – whether it was for a good paycheque, a good storyline or even legacy. Surprisingly, it’s very rare to see superstars actually stick to their word and stay retired.

Perhaps the most perfect example of this is ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, who stepped in the ring to compete for the final time at WrestleMania XIX and never went back on his word. He’s yet to wrestle a match after that. Shawn Michaels was a perfect example of this but he did have a one-off return in 2018, slightly marring his original retirement in 2010. Either way, he was aware that it was a mistake and vowed not to return again.

However, there is a select crop of superstars who have backtracked on their retirement in rather quick fashion. Here are five superstars who had short-lived retirements.

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