Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

5 WWE Factions You Probably Forgot About

In the world of wrestling and WWE in general, alliances are never meant to last. Unless your faction name is The New Day, then there’s no chance that it would have lasted anywhere as long without any sort of split. Of course, the purpose of factions is for long-term storytelling that would eventually lead to a split, but just because there is a split, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is going to be a pay-off of any sorts.

We’ve seen many different kinds of alliances over the years – those that have happened organically, those that made complete sense and those that just seemed like an odd pairing, but somehow found a way to make it work. Then, there are those factions who creative never really invested that heavily in or their impact together was simply that forgettable that they aren’t remembered now unless reminded of.

This list’s purpose is to remind you of some factions that you probably forgot about.

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