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WZ Retrospective: Demolition’s ‘Colossal’ Win At WrestleMania VI

Wrestlemania is called “the granddaddy of them all” and regarded by many as the greatest event in the history of sports entertainment. It’s certainly the biggest pay-per-view of the year for the WWE and for Demolition, Wrestlemania was when they were at their best, winning all three of the matches they had at the event. Their biggest match at the “show of shows” took place at Wrestlemania VI, one of the WWE’s most influential pay-per-views of all time, being held at the Toronto Skydome in front of 65,000 fans.

After defeating the Brain Busters to regain the tag titles on the November 4, 1989 episode of Superstars, Demolition would enter into a feud with The Colossal Connection. The heels, led by Bobby Heenan, would capture the belts from Demolition on the December 30 episode of Superstars, leading to this Wrestlemania showdown.

Before the match, we saw Mean Gene interviewing Heenan and the tag champs while Sean Mooney is seen interviewing Demolition. Demolition would make their way down to the ring to a thunderous ovation, really showing how much the fans wanted them to regain the belts.

The heels attack Smash before the bell is rung, but he gets the upper hand on Haku to begin the match. A test of strength between Haku and Smash takes place with Smash taking control before throwing the champion into the waiting boot of Ax. Andre gets involved for a brief moment before being shown back to the apron, allowing Haku to hit Ax in the throat after a missed clothesline.

The heels take advantage here, dragging Ax to their side of the ring after a backbreaker from Haku. Heenan and Andre get involved as Haku is distracting the ref, with Heenan slapping Ax followed by a headbutt from the Giant, leading to a two count. Into the corner we go as Haku hits Ax with some chops to the chest, allowing Andre to choke out the challenger with the tag rope as the ref is dealing with Smash trying to stop the interference.

Haku would follow up the interference with a shoulder breaker for a two count before throwing Ax into the corner. Ax would stop the momentum of the champs with a big boot to Haku followed by a clothesline. This would lead to a hot tag for Smash, who immediately hits a crossbody for another two count. The match breaks down as Andre enters the ring, taking a double clothesline from Demolition and a kick to the face from Haku, tying the big man up in the ropes. This would allow Demolition to hit Demolition Decapitation on Haku for the win, giving the team their third and final run as tag champs.

Andre wouldn’t get tagged in at all during this match due to his declining health condition, but he would get one last Wrestlemania moment, beating down on both Heenan and Haku after they blamed the Giant for the loss. Andre would ride off into the sunset in his last televised match with the WWE as the crowd gave him a well-deserved pop for one of the greatest to ever step foot in the ring.

Demolition would go on to add Crush to the mix following their victory, turning heel in the process by using wrestling’s famous “Freebird Rule” during their matches before dropping the titles to The Hart Foundation at that year’s Summerslam. But on this night in the Toronto Skydome, Ax and Smash kept their undefeated Wrestlemania record and proved why they are one of the greatest tag teams in the history of professional wrestling.

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