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The Hall Of Fame Case For Demolition: A Move WWE Should Make Sooner Than Later

The WWE Hall of Fame is filled with some of the greatest and most influential names in the history of professional wrestling. From Andre the Giant and Stone Cold to the Von Erichs and the Four Horsemen, the Hall of Fame is the pinnacle of success for any wrestler looking to make it into the business. However, one name that is notable for its absence is the tag team Demolition.

Sporting face paint and gear reminiscent of Humungus from Mad Max, the team of Ax and Smash (and later Crush) brought pain and destruction every time they entered the ring, with a killer theme song to boot. The team would go on to have great success in the WWE, winning the World Tag Team Championships on three separate occasions and holding the longest tag team title reign in history before their record was broken by The New Day in 2016.

Not only does Demolition have the title reigns to back up their Hall of Fame case, but they have also squared off against some of the greatest teams to ever step foot in the squared circle. Feuds against The Hart Foundation and The Brain Busters allowed the team to show their technical prowess while matches against The Colossal Connection and The Road Warriors showed just how tough Ax, Smash and Crush were. Demolition was over with the fans as well, as you can go back and watch their Wrestlemania VI match against The Colossal Connection for proof. The reaction the team gets from the sixty-five thousand in Toronto’s Skydome is deafening, and their eventful victory for their third championship reign proved as such.

While the team was involved in a lawsuit against the WWE in 2016 over brain injuries, they deserve their rightful space in the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is designed to highlight the greatest and most impactful stars in the business and without Demolition, it is certainly lacking an important piece of history.

As they say in wrestling, “never say never”. We’ve seen countless superstars have issues with the company before ultimately coming back to start anew and take their rightful place in the Hall. Stars like Bret Hart and Ultimate Warrior would be glaring omissions had they not mended their relationship with Vince McMahon and the WWE.

For now, Demolition remains on the outside looking in of the Hall of Fame, but the day will soon come when “Here comes the Ax and here comes the Smasher” blares over the arena speakers and the team takes their rightful spot in immortality. It’s a move the WWE should make sooner rather than later.

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