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Vince McMahon’s 5 Greatest Feuds

Vince McMahon’s 5 Greatest Feuds
Photo Credit: Getty, Vince McMahon attends WWE Superstars for Sandy Relief at Cipriani, Wall Street on April 4, 2013 in New York City.

Vince McMahon is the biggest name in professional wrestling, or sports entertainment as he’d call it. Taking over his father Vincent J McMahon’s business in 1982, he went into a completely different approach and direction. This direction saw WWF at the time expand to national television and an eventual global expansion.

This ruthless but effective approach saw WWE become giants of the pro-wrestling world and as competition would come, they would absorb it and only grow bigger. Today, they’re the #1 company in the pro wrestling world and it isn’t even close.

But business aside, after the Montreal Screwjob in 1997, Vince McMahon used the controversial incident as an opportunity to introduce the Mr McMahon character and become the biggest heel that pro wrestling had ever seen. And he succeeded in more ways than just one.

The best part of the Mr McMahon character was that he would always go out of his way to put over talent, even if it meant making a complete fool out of himself. There can be no denying the crowd’s investment in the character, which is what made his matches so memorable. Even if he wasn’t the soundest in-ring performer, these matches showed that he could hang with the others, even at his age.

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