Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR

Tenille Dashwood On What It Would Mean To Become Women Of Honor Champion, Games Of Thrones, More

Tenille Dashwood On What It Would Mean To Become Women Of Honor Champion, Games Of Thrones, More
Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR

Ring Of Honor posted 10 Questions With Tenille Dashwood.  The former Emma discussed food-based guilty pleasures, what it would mean to become Women Of Honor Champion and more. Below are some highlights:

Tenille On Her Career Path If Not For Wrestling:

I’d love to be a travel blogger. I am so fascinated by the world and I want to see it all and document how amazing it is. I try to do a bit of this already, but if I wasn’t wrestling, I think this would be ideal.

Tenille On Her Opinion Of Game Of Thrones:

For years, I didn’t get the “Game of Thrones” craze. However, I will admit that lately I started watching it. I had to force myself through the first couple of seasons and still didn’t get the appeal. But now, a few more seasons in, I’m hooked! Took me long enough.

Tenille On The WOH Championship:

Although I’ve achieved a lot in my career so far, there’s also so much more I want to do. I’ve never held a championship at a professional level. I came to ROH to do what I love and that is to wrestle. I think my passion for wrestling and this business is clear to any fan out there. I don’t feel I need to prove myself to them, but I do need to prove to myself that I can do this.

In my head, that Women of Honor championship has been mine ever since the tournament was first announced. The last time we went face to face during the tournament I was left empty-handed and disappointed. I couldn’t bring myself to step in the ring and congratulate Sumie that night because I felt I like I should have won. I felt like I let myself down and I let my fans down. I respect Sumie, but I don’t plan on letting that happen again.

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