Katsuya Kitamura Injury Revealed, Why He Hasn’t Wrestled In NJPW

Katsuya Kitamura hasn’t been seen in the New Japan Pro Wrestling ring since he lost to Yuji Nagata on February 10’s The New Beginning in Osaka card. There have been a number of rumors surrounding his absence, with some pretty wild speculation being rampant, but now we finally know the reason why. In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that Kitamura injured one of his legs in a “horrible scooter accident.” It was described as being “crushed,” and it’s unclear if he’ll ever fully recover.

Kitamura, a skilled amateur wrestler, was one of the most promising young lions in New Japan Pro Wrestling, and had become a fan favorite due to his intense matches. Hopefully the 32-year-old can recover from this injury.

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