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NJPW Fighting Spirit Unleashed Results (9/30) Two Huge Title Matches.

NJPW Fighting Spirit Unleashed Results (9/30) Live In Progress
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FIRST MATCH: Taguchi Japan (ACH, Jushin Thunder Liger & Ryusuke Taguchi) vs. Roppongi 3K (SHO, YOH & Rocky Romero)

YOH and Liger start the match. They lock up. YOH gets Liger on the ropes and teases a Shotei. They break.

Liger locks in a side headlock. Liger hits a shoulder tackle. YOH kips up. YOH hits a dropkick. Liger hits a Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker. Liger locks in a Romero Special. Taguchi Japan runs in and runs the bases on YOH. Taguchi hits a Hip Attack. YOH blocks a second hip attack by shoving his fingers into Taguchi’s rear. Roppongi 3K beats up Liger. SHO tags in. YOH hits a drop toe hold. SHO hits a sliding dropkick. Romero tags in.

Romero corners Liger and pummels him. Liger fights back. Romero takes out Liger’s knee. Liger fights off a triple team attempt. Liger hits a Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker. ACH tags in.

ACH counters a German Suplex. ACH hits Rocky Romero with a Plancha. ACH gets back in the ring and hits a series of kicks on SHO and YOH. ACH chops away on YOH. ACH hits a Deadlift German Suplex for two.

SHO hits a Deadlift German Suplex. Romero tags in. Taguchi tags in.

Romero ducks a hip attack. Romero hits Forever Lariats. Taguchi hits a hip attack on Romero. Taguchi hits a hip attack on YOH and SHO. Taguchi hits Forever Hip Attacks.

[Stream died]

Taguchi hits ACH with Dodon for the pinfall.

WINNERS: Taguchi Japan

SECOND MATCH: Bullet Club Elite (Hangman Page & Chase Owens) vs. SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

Kazarian and Page start. They lock up. They trade shoulder tackles. They trade elbows. They duck each other’s clotheslines and then connect in unison. Daniels tags in. Owens tags in.

Owens hits a shoulder tackle. Daniels hits a neckbreaker. Kazarian tags in and gets an nearfall.

Hangman Page tags in. Page hits a Samoan Drop/Dropkick combo. Page covers for a two count.

Page corners Kazarian and pummels him. Owens tags in. Owens pummels Kazarian. Owens hits an elbow to the back. Owens gets a nearfall. Hangman tags in. Owens and Page hit a double team. Hangman covers for two.

Page hits a Pumphandle Fallaway Slam for two. Page chops Kazarian’s chest.  Owens tags in.

Owens locks in a front choke. Kazarian hits a backcracker. Daniels tags in and cleans house.

[stream died]

Page hits Buckshot Lariat on Daniels. Owens hits a slingshot backbreaker for two. Page battles Kazarian on the apron. Kazarian counters a running shooting star press with double knees. Kazarian and Daniels hit Best Meltzer Ever on Owens for the pinfall.

WINNERS: SoCal Uncensored