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Paige On If She’s A Pioneer Of The Women’s Evolution

Paige On If She’s A Pioneer Of The Women’s Evolution
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Busted Open Radio on Sirius XM tweeted a snippet of an interview they had with Paige where the current Smackdown GM says that when she first came to WWE developmental she made girls cry.

What really stands out in this clip is listening to Paige discuss what it was like when she first started in FCW, saying it was much different than learning to wrestle men like her family had taught her. She also said they wanted her to do bikini contests, but said she wasn’t there to flash her body and just wanted to wrestle:

When I first came in, it was still in the era where it was more of the Divas—and I don’t like to give the Divas a bad name, Divas is what I wanted to be when I was growing up—it isn’t bad. But it was just full of models and people that hadn’t been in the business for a very long time, and I came in and I made a few of the girls cry. I was like ‘I’m so sorry, that’s just how I wrestle!’

Then I had to start doing the bikini contests [in FCW] and I put my foot down and I was like ‘no, I’m here to wrestle.’

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