Impact Wrestling Results

Impact Wrestling Results (10/18): Johnny Impact’s Championship Address, Rich Swann Challenges Brian Cage, Fallout From Bound For Glory, More

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In Ring Segment: Johnny Impact

Impact says wrestling is a crazy business. If you watched Bound for Glory you know what Impact is talking about. Impact tells us about how his dad took him to wrestling matches as a kid and how much he loved it. Impact has always been a bit out there. The one thing that everyone who dreams of being a pro wrestler wants is to be world champion.

Impact was told over and over again he wasn’t good enough to be world champion but now he’s got the Impact World Championship. This business is what WE make it. Impact is no “the guy” in Impact Wrestling. Impact isn’t going to hide behind two other guys or tweet things passive-aggressively. If Impact thinks someone deserves a title shot, Impact is going to give them one. Fenix comes down to the ring.  Fenix asks for a title shot. Impact agrees

Backstage, Tommy Dreamer says he is going to destroy Moose.

Moose says he will meet Dreamer in the ring. Killer Kross cuts off Moose and says that Dreamer doesn’t control anything and THEY well meet Dreamer later tonight.

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