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Seth Rollins Wants A Match With Matt Riddle – Complete Q&A (Video); EC3 Trolls John Cena

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Seth Rollins Q&A (Video)

WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins participated in a Facebook Q&A session before a fan meet and greet at the Xfinity store in Somerville, MA.

Rollins answered more than ten minutes worth of questions including:

  • What do you miss most while on the road?
  • What would you do if you weren’t a WWE Superstar?
  • Which band was your first favorite?
  • Who do you look up to most?

Rollins was also asked who he would like to face off against and answered,

“I know he’s new; but, Matt Riddle. I think he’s someone that’s super talented, an interesting skill set, a different style. I’m always intrigued by styles. I’m someone who, I feel like, I can have a good match with anybody and I’d like to see how Riddle and I’s styles kind of mesh together.”

Readers interested in watching the Q&A in its entirety may do so below:

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EC3 Trolls Cena

John Cena’s new haircut has been the subject of much controversy since the 16 time world champion debuted the new style at WWE Super Show-Down.

The new look caused quite the stir on the internet, as fans took to social media in droves to comment on Cena’s new look. Cena’s hair began to trend worldwide, instead of his return to the ring. Cena has grown his hair out for a new starring role with Jackie Chan; but, that didn’t stop the future WWE Hall of Famer from being critiqued on a global scale.

Cena was a recent guest on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast and admitted to having been insecure about his looks,

“As a 41 year old dude who’s literally just trying so many new things in life, I’m embracing the fact that for the longest I’ve been insecure about the way I look and my hair or whatever. Body dysmorphia is a real thing and everybody struggles with it. I just lost 20 pounds in China and man did I get heat for that. That was the thing before the hair.”

Cena’s sensitivity didn’t stop NXT Superstar EC3, who has made a real hobby of trolling John Cena.

Cena recently tweeted the following:

That’s when EC3 chimed in with:

Could a hair vs hair match be in the future for these two Superstars?

We can only speculate; but, one Twitter user offered the following visual as to how John Cena might look completely bald: