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Impact Wrestling Results (10/25): Johnny Impact Defends Against Ray Fenix, More

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Scarlet Bordeaux walks into the ring, poses and takes a seat on the stage to watch the next match.

Trevor Lee vs Sami Callihan w/oVe

As soon as the bell rings Callihan attacks Lee. Lee tries to fire back but Callihan blast him with a clothesline. Callihan distracts the referee as Jake Crist kicks Lee in the head. Lee racks Callihan’s eyes. Lee and Callihan trade punches. Callihan misses a clothesline. Lee kicks Callihan in the head. Lee hits the ropes but Callihan catches Lee and hits a DVD. Lee kicks out. Callihan hits hangman’s complete shot. Dave Crist is distracted by Bordeaux.Lee rolls up Callihan. Callihan kicks out. Lee moonsaults to the outside onto Jake. Lee PKs dave off the apron. Lee goes up top. Jake pushes Lee off the top. Callihan hits the Cactus Special for the win.

Winner- Sami Callihan

After the match, Brian Cage runs to the ring and takes out both Crist brothers. Cage hands Callihan his bat and tells Callihan to try to use it. Callihan tries to attack but Cage picks up Callihan and F5s him. Cage calls for the Drill Claw. The Crist brothers pull Callihan out of the ring.

Backstage, King is complaining to Homicide and Hernadez about not being able to take out Konnan and LAX. King stops and says he may have just figured out how they can touch LAX without breaking the truce.

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