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Former WWE Tag Champion & Relative Of Roman Reigns Samu Anoa’i Reveals His Own Battle With Cancer

Former WWE Tag Champion & Relative Of Roman Reigns Samu Anoa’i Reveals His Own Battle With Cancer

Roman Reigns shocked the world with the revelation of battle with leukemia this past Monday on RAW, and now another member of their famed family has come forward to reveal his own struggle with cancer. Samu Anoa’i, former WWE Tag Team Champion with Rikishi in 1994 (not pictured above), has revealed that he has stage 4 liver cancer and is currently awaiting a possible transplant. Samu is also a trainer and promoter in Pennsylvania, in addition to his great career as a wrestler.

This was revealed on his Facebook page and you can read the full post below:

I want to take a minute to address the situation with myself and that of my family.

I recently have posted I am selling shirts “Anoa’i Strong”

These shirts have been for sale for many years and in light of the current situation that has struck myself and my family, I have decided to change the shirts to various colors for cancer.

My cousins news has struck the world and we are all devastated at this time. What many of you may or may not know is I am also dealing with stage 4 liver cancer and am currently waiting for God’s grace to help me get a transplant.

I am an elder member of my family and in no way am I or my family attempting to profit from any serious sickness. Instead, I want to use our name in order to help doctors and researchers find ways to cure this evil sickness.

I do not endorse or will I ever endorse profit on the misfortune of others or myself or that of my family.

I want all of my friends, family and fans to know we will always remain “Anoa’i Strong.” and these shirts will remain for sale and we will be speaking with various cancer organizations on how we can help.

Until you can stand in the shoes we stand in you will never know the pain and the struggle we endure daily.


Samu Anoa’i

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More heartbreaking news for the wrestling community and Anoa’i clan. I would encourage all of you to consider picking up a t-shirt and supporting in any way you can. I can’t think of a family who has given more to the industry than the Anoa’is.  They are strong and I’m sure both he and Roman will come out on the other side better than ever.