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New NXT Star Mia Yim Discusses Choosing Wrestling Over Volleyball & Wrestling Keith Lee

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Marc Madison of Pro Wrestling Post sent the following to WrestleZone:

Mae Young Classic competitor Mia Yim had an opportunity to speak with prior to her signing with the WWE. In this interview, she discusses how she has learned to adjust to her environment regardless of where she is in the world, her passion for wrestling and the lasting relationships she has built along the way. A world traveled competitor, she has learned from those experiences and applies them to her craft. To read quoted excerpts please see below but to read the interview in its entirety click here.

Mia Yim On Why She Chose Pro Wrestling:

“So, I was always involved in sports. Watching wrestling back in the day when it was The Rock, Stone Cold, Lita, Chyna, we would watch as a family. My dad and my sister grew out of it, but I continued to watch it. Then, when I saw Lita and Chyna especially wrestling with the guys, that’s when I knew. I couldn’t play football with the guys, but if I could wrestle with guys I am totally down with that.”

Mia Yim On The Potential Of A Professional Volleyball Career:

“I already had it in my head that there wasn’t really a possibility of making the Olympic team. Then, when I started training for wrestling, that’s when I knew I wanted to full on pursue wrestling. I love volleyball, I still play volleyball, but once I started training, wrestling was my passion. I would play offside hitter when I was a player.”

Mia Yim On Wrestling Keith Lee:

“We were already friends, so it was easy talking over things. I was overcoming an injury, so I was still having a mental block about doing things. Whether they were high flying moves, suicide dives, things like that, but I knew with Keith I could do whatever. I knew that because he would protect me, he will make sure to keep me safe.”

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