Photo Credit: Oscar Rodriguez @Oscar_Kings_Studio

Tinieblas Jr On Joining The ‘Luchaverse’, Maintaining The Legacy Of Lucha Libre And His Father

Tinieblas Jr On Joining The ‘Luchaverse’, Maintaining The Legacy Of Lucha Libre,
Photo Credit: Oscar Rodriguez @Oscar_Kings_Studio

Wrestlezone’s Angel Garcia recently spoke with Tinieblas Jr about his involvement in the Luchaverse series of comic books. His one-shot book just launched at New York Comic Con; you can read the transcribed interview below:

AG: To start, Lets talk about the comic series “Luchaverse” could you tell us a bit on how the relationship with Masked Republic began?

TJ: Well, everything started with the image, and the history of the character (Tinieblas) They figured out that the character is designed for a comic series, television, and film, in fact my father, almost 10 years ago, made his own comic series here in Mexico City of really high quality, just like the one that is about to be release. When they began contacting me, they saw how active on the scene I was, and it interested them what the character represents in both Mexico, and outside of it. For the image, the characteristics, it’s a character that is adaptable, in different works. Like in Lucha Libre of course, movies, not to repeat myself, but comics as well.

Well, we spoke, we came to an agreement, with a small cameo for the Super 7 of the Luchaverse I believe, but they had already spoken about a solo series. But of course, as you know, contracts have to be done correctly, legalities and agreements had to be ironed out. We set a date, we met at Expo Lucha in Las Vegas, and well the fans are responding well.  I’m very proud of it, people like to see real characters, owned by the original owners, in a comic series, wrestling, and having adventures. Seeing them outside of comics and seeing them in real life.

AG: What I love about Luchaverse, is that is a truly independent medium, which lends itself to the name Tinieblas, you own the character, you are an independent wrestler, something that your father championed. How does it feel returning the name of Tinieblas to comics, but also carrying the name as a “jr.”

TJ: Well, it’s an honor, carrying on the 50-year legacy of my father on my shoulders, truth is, when I debuted, actually before that, when I was dreaming of being a wrestlers, I wanted to almost defend, and make the name proud. It was all a dream, thankfully to the advice my father gave me, and my growth as a person, with values, in school and a career, this is what has helped me. Because, I realized all the importance of all the work he did. When I started, it was like triple the work, they would ask: “Is he better than his father?”, “Is he better than other second generation stars,?” “Is he a good wrestler?” It was quite the challenge. Luckily, I worked with the best, I debuted in Arena Mexico, I debuted in Toreo Cuatro Caminos , I was with AAA in a true golden age in Lucha Libre, and well now, I’ve worked all the promotions in, and every one outside of Mexico, I’ve had the pleasure of working with wrestlers that have taught me, guided me, helped become the person I am now.

Since my debut, I’ve maintained in the good graces of the fans. You enter the business with some preparation and a plan, but, you have little experience, and time gives it to you. There are a lot of wrestlers that start very young, at 15, and some are born with the natural talent. I personally throughout time, I acquired it, because I liked it. I learned it, I saw it, I looked for it and found it myself with my own merit. People said, “you have everything because of your father”. I said “Of course, he told me to train here, and go there, and see how far you go.”  Advice was really the only thing he gave me. I had to go find my teachers and my own way.

Also, carry the name, and maintain it at a high level. I started with my own promotion, I started to see what I could do, then realized the possibilities, and learned not only to hold large, successful events, but also help other wrestlers, and show them how it should be, that we are the standard, and the example of what Lucha Libre should be, and it is above all else.

AG: Going back to the comic series, your father had a series himself, Tinieblas: Hijo de la Noche, had a lot of cool and fantastical elements. What can we expect from the series?

TJ: Well I am a part of a legacy, and it continues, my father will be my teacher, my mentor, he arrives and helps. Of course, we are all human and may need help, so he will arrive and help. There are classic characters, including ones that have followed him through his journey. We have a lot coming in the series that are ready to go, some that are characters of mine. We have a lot of surprises coming. They are characters that are very Mexican, they are very culturally Mexican. They are wrestlers, with interesting personalities, so they can translate to comics. Well. There will be a lot of surprises. The first comic was quite the introduction to the series, and there is so much more to come.