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IMPACT Wrestling Suffers Significant Viewership Drop After Timeslot Change

IMPACT Wrestling Suffers Significant Ratings Drop After Timeslot Change

IMPACT Wrestling’s ratings were up after its October 14th Bound For Glory pay-per-view; but, that has all changed in rapid fashion, after IMPACT’s move to the 10 PM EST time slot.

While last week’s viewership numbers included 189,000 viewers, this week’s numbers suffered a significant drop and are actually well below 100,000 viewers. According to ShowBuzz Daily, this week’s edition of IMPACT drew a mere 98,000 viewers. IMPACT is still holding in the top 150 Thursday cable programs at number 140 on the list, actually up eight spots from last week’s 148. IMPACT also drew a familiar .04 rating.

IMPACT’s time slot change was made primarily due to a trending decrease in regular weekly viewers. The ratings drop only represents one week; but, with viewership cut by more than 50% in such dramatic fashion, things certainly don’t look good for the wrestling program that was drawing more than 400,00 weekly viewers back in March of this year.

IMPACT airs Thursday nights at 10 PM EST on POP.

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