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Joey Janela’s Spring Break III Sells Out In Less Than A Half Hour, WrestlePro Is Headed To Alaska


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Joey Janela’s Spring Break 1(2017)   Photo Credit: Game Changer Wrestling

Joey Janela’s Spring Break III Sells Out In Less Than A Half Hour,

Just this Saturday the news was broken that Japanese Deathmatch veteran and Hardcore Legend ONITA was the first name announced for Joey Janela‘s 3rd Spring Break spectacular to be held during WrestleMania 35 weekend in New Jersey. Tickets went on sale at noon Eastern today and were sold out in less than a half an hour. On Twitter, Joey Janela joked that all he did was take a nap for 20 minutes. Game Changer Wrestling, the promotion that this event is held under, said on Twitter that they would do their best to communicate with the venue to allow for safe accommodations for additional audience members to be in attendance.


Thank you for the overwhelming response. We are grateful to have your support for another year.

We will work with the venue to see if there are ways to safely/comfortably add additional seating.

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WrestlePro Is Headed To Alaska

In keeping with independent wrestling announcements centered around promotions in the Northeast, WrestlePro announced that on April 20th they will be holding a wrestling event in the state of Alaska featuring Hardcore Legend Mick Foley:


WrestlePro ALASKA!

Yes, this , is, happening.