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Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR

Tenille Dashwood Reveals Her Scars, Spreads Awareness And Offers Support On World Psoriasis Day

Tenille Dashwood Reveals Her Scars In Latest IG Post (Photos)
Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR

Tenille Dashwood has had a rough couple of years, battling injuries and recently revealing her battle with psoriasis. She recently posted on her Instagram account a series of photos depicting the effect the skin condition has taken on her. She remains optimistic and grateful for what she has done in her career and hoping to spread awareness of psoriasis.

Here’s her caption from the IG post, which can be viewed below:

If only you could hear all the stories my skin would tell…

I’ve contemplated whether I should share these picture. Vulnerability is terrifying. 

Growing up, I never pictured myself suffering from an auto immune disease and being covered from head to toe with a skin condition. I never pictured myself having surgery on my spine because a herniated disc was touching my spinal cord. I also didn’t imagine that I’d be recovering from a second shoulder surgery now, let alone a first! But here I am… realizing this is life. In fact, it’s these things that made me who I am! 

I’ve had my lows, but with each low I’ve scrambled for answers and solutions, I’ve fought, I’ve researched and I’ve done everything I can to get better. I’ve dreamed big and I’ve learned not to take life for granted. 

The physical damage is rough yes, but the mental and emotional damage far outweighs that. You just never know what someone is going through. 

Lately I’ve realized that sometimes we need some help, some encouragement, someone to speak to. We need to hear there is hope, and to know that things can get better. 

These picture were taken about 6 weeks ago. You can see the scar on my spine, and you can see my body marked from psoriasis. This is by no means the worst of what it’s been, this is on the mend actually. My entire body was covered. 

In these photo the red spots had started to calm. The white spots were the result of red marks resolving and causing loss of pigmentation. The even more extreme photos I have are reminders of how far I’ve come and that things could be worse. I added an old photo too so you can see me at one of my extreme stages like what it was again this time. 

Today, thankfully I am almost clear as I wait for the pigmentation to continue healing.

Our bodies are amazing… We need to take care of them, and sometimes we need help from others to get there. Hopefully I can help someone now, whatever you are going through. There is hope! 

I’m thankful for what I’ve learned from @mygoodnessrecipes and @medicalmedium and I’m thankful for my Mum, my family and my friends for being there for me as I heal! ❤#WorldPsoriasisDay #psoriasis