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Eddie Edwards On Unique Opportunities In IMPACT, Wrestling For NOAH, The UK Scene & More

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Eddie Edwards was recently interviewed by The Hairy Wrestling Fan while IMPACT was in the UK for Wrestling MediaCon. In the interview, Eddie touched on a multitude of topics including his match in the woods with Sami Callihan, wrestling for NOAH, and dream opponents from the UK wrestling scene. Below are some highlights

Eddie On His Match In The Woods With Sami Callihan:

It was unique. As much as it looked unique, it was very unique to be a part of. I was lucky enough to be involved in one of the features at the Hardy Compound. We did some stuff out there like wrestle on volcanoes and stuff, so this time, it’s not a typical wrestling match, it’s more like a thriller, action type movie scene. There wasn’t a lot of wrestling moves going on, it was more about the emotion, and what my feud with Sami was built on, which was him hitting me in the face with a baseball bat. We had the chance to capitalise on the emotion from there, which I think at times is lost in professional wrestling, especially on the independent scene. People just look at matches as exhibitions, but if you can tap into the emotions that everybody feels, I think people can relate.

When I was whipping Sami’s ass in the woods or beating him with a kendo stick, and people were behind me for that, that’s a different thing. You tell somebody out of the blue, “Oh, this guy’s gonna beat the hell out of somebody with a kendo stick.” Most times he’d be the bad guy, but in this situation because of everything he’d put me and my wife through, people were behind me. It was interesting to tap into the pure anger and emotion involved in that. That was the culmination of everything we had worked to, it was cool to do a whole completely different thing, and I was very happy with how it turned out.

Eddie On Wrestling & Becoming A Champion For NOAH:

The moment I was on my knees holding that belt above my head and they were announcing me the winner. That was something I never knew I’d get the chance to do, let alone win it. I went over to NOAH in 2005 when I first started to train, I was just 21 years old. I grew up in NOAH and Japan, I started from the very bottom so to climb that mountain and reach the top, even talking about it now gives me chills because that was a dream I held onto for so long, I was lucky enough that it came true.

Eddie On Dream Opponents From The UK:

The UK has a deep connection to me as far as wrestling goes because this is where The American Wolves were born. Any time I’m able to come back means something special, especially bringing IMPACT back. When I first started in IMPACT, one of the biggest things of the year was coming over here for the IMPACT tour, but unfortunately the last few years we haven’t been able to do that, so it’s a chance to bring a big part of the IMPACT roster over and show the fans in person what we’ve been doing lately. It’s nice to show the UK fans a little bit of thanks, they’ve stuck by us and been there all along.

The thing about wrestling, especially in the UK, is that it’s such a hot market right now. There’s so much good talent it’s hard to single out anyone. When I go to independent shows and see what talent there is, I like to step in there with anyone and see what we can create, that’s why I think it’s good IMPACT is working with UK talent for this event. It’s pretty interesting to see the UK talent meshes with the IMPACT talent and see some different matches just a few years ago people never thought we would see. I’m open to anything different for the fans, and to challenge myself against some of the best guys over here.

Eddie On What NXT Talent He’d Want In IMPACT:

I’m gonna have to go with one of my best friends, the man I won the ROH Title from, Roderick Strong, and then bring Undisputed ERA too. Guys that are my good friends and are unbelievably talented in the ring. I know they could do something special and they could do it with anybody.

To read the full interview and listen to the audio, click HERE.

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