WWE NXT Results
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WWE NXT Results (10/31): TakeOver: War Games Matches Set, Nikki Cross In Action

WWE NXT Results 

October 31st, 2018

Report by Robert DeFelice for Wrestlezone.com

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NXT Preview For 10/31: Matt Riddle Debuts, How Will Aleister Black Respond To Johnny Gargano?

A video package replayed the events that transpired last week revealing Johnny Gargano to be Aleister Black’s attacker.

The opening played and Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcomed us to the show hyping up the main event of The War Raiders vs. Adam Cole and Bobby Fish while Percy Watson informed us that Matt Riddle will be making his NXT debut tonight.

Nikki Cross made her way to the ring for action, followed by Mercedes Martinez.

Nikki Cross vs. Mercedes Martinez

The commentators played Nikki Cross knowing who attacked Aleister Black while also praising Mercedes Martinez for always continuing to train and learn more in wrestling.

Some good chain wrestling started the match with Mercedes eventually taking the role of the aggressor. Mercedes hit a nice overhead plex. And hit some elbows from a top mount position which may have busted up Nikki’s nose. A couple of backdrop drivers gave Mercedes the advantage but ultimately Nikki would hit The Purge for the win.

Winner: Nikki Cross.

Post-Match: Candice LeRae came out to confront Nikki Cross. She asked Nikki why she didn’t tell somebody and Nikki just laughed in her face. Then, Aleister came to confront Candice asking her where her husband was. She said that she didn’t know which prompted Aleister to tell her that his future is gone.

A package replayed the feud between The Mighty and The Street Profits and they have a rematch coming up next.

The Mighty vs. The Street Profits

The action started off of with the huge display of athleticism from The Street Profits including an amazing topé over the ropes. Back in the ring, Miller hit a spinebuster for a count of 2. The Mighty tried to defeat The Street Profits with the Figure 4 Pin Cover but Montez kicked out. We got a good exchange of tag team Maneuvers including a Tower of Doom suplex but ultimately Montez Ford would hit an amazing springboard Frog Splash for the count of three.

Winner: The Street Profits

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