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Impact Wrestling Results (11/9): Johnny Impact Defends Against Killer Kross, More

Impact Wrestling Results

November 8th, 2018

Report By Lovell Porter for

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The OGz w/King vs The Lucha Bros

Hernandez pushes Fenix. A brawl breaks out between both teams. Hernandez telegraphs a back body drop. Fenix kicks Hernandez. Hernandez runs over Fenix. Outside the ring, Homicide tries to stab Pentagon Jr. with a fork. Hernandez tries to ripe Pentagon Jr.’s head off his shoulders. Pentagon Jr. manages to tag in Fenix. Springboard headbutt by Fenix. King pulls Pentagon off the apron. Fenix moonsaults off the top to the outside onto everyone!

Hernandez runs into the ring and hits a dive of his own. The OGz take turns working over Pentagon Jr. The Lucha Bros turns the tables and hit a double superkick on Hernandez. The Lucha Bros hit Lucha wassap for a near fall. Pentagon Jr. launches Fenix in the air. Fenix splashes Hernandez for another near fall. King tosses the slapjack into the ring. Fenix superkicks Homicide. The Lucha Bros. land multiple double team moves on Hernandez. The Lucha Bros. hit their wheelbarrow splash finisher for the win.

Winners- The Lucha Bros.

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