Bobby Lashley
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Bobby Lashley On Dream Match W/ Brock Lesnar: ‘It’s Gonna Happen’

Bobby Lashley Touches On Dream Match W/ Brock Lesnar: ‘It’s Gonna Happen’
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Danny Marland of SportBible recently caught up with RAW Superstar Bobby Lashley. Lashley opened up about a potential dream match between he and Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and when asked if he would like to face Lesnar, Lashley replied, “Absolutely I can post anything on social media and the people will reply we wanna see you and Brock, it’s something that has been building for the last 10 years so eventually it’s gonna happen because the fans want it to happen that bad.”

Lashley also opened up about his 2008 WWE departure, “I never wanted to leave. At the time I needed to step away for a bit, but in that time I fought in Bellator and Strikeforce, in other promotions, I wanted to build myself up and make my character stronger for when I came back, I’m in a good place right now.”

Since returning to the WWE after WrestleMania 34, Lashley has squared against several opponents including Roman Reigns, for whom Lashley reserved high praise, “The first day back was one of my favorites and I’m still building but my matches with Roman is one of them, I’m not even saying just beating him I mean being in the ring with him he’s really really good.”

Lashley also reserved high praise for both Finn Balor and Kevin Owens, “Finn is incredible and Kevin Owens, me and him had a really good match when I had the turn, there’s a lot of guys in the business right now who are really good to wrestle with.”

Lashley debuted the night after WrestleMania as a babyface, but has since turned heel, “The turn should’ve come when I first came back; however, I couldn’t come out as a heel when I first started because the crowd waited for me to come back and wanted me back. Now is the perfect time though, I mean we have so many top babyfaces right now guys who are established so instead of forcing them into a different role, me being there is a little bit better.” Lashley also has a heel manager to go along with his new persona in 205 Live’s Lio Rush, “I was one of the people who pulled for him in the beginning, I think he was somebody who could be used in a lot of different ways and he’s kinda my little sidekick. He’s still trying to find his way a little bit, but he’s catching on, everywhere I go I’m getting chants of ‘LASHLEY’.”

Lashley opened up about the progress he’s made as a wrestler since debuting for WWE in 2007, “When I first came in I was so green, I’d throw people around, clothesline people, body-slam people and just play a role, but now I feel so comfortable and I believe when you’re comfortable, that’s when you produce your best work.” Lashley may have found the key to success along the way, “Don’t listen to the haters, there are a lot. It’s such a cutthroat business, you have people in the same locker room as you not wanting you to succeed, you gotta erase all that stuff and know you have a person to impress, in my case it’s Vince [McMahon] and go out there and perform your best.”

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