Cody Rhodes Reveals Steph McMahon Came Up With Stardust

Cody Rhodes was a guest on the latest Talk is Jericho podcast, and he revealed the interesting origins of his Stardust character. It came during his tag team run with his real-life brother Dustin Rhodes (who performs as Goldust). It turns out that one day during his run, Stephanie McMahon randomly said suggested that Cody should paint his face like his brother.

While Cody wasn’t crazy about the idea himself, he immediately saw that Vince loved the Stardust character, and it was the role he played until his final match in WWE. Rhodes revealed that initially he wanted to have a character that was more like a superhero, but during the design phase, Vince McMahon kept choosing designs that were more like the Goldust character.

Make sure to check out the full podcast to learn more.

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