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Velvet Sky To Social Media Troll: ‘Piss Off Prick’

Velvet Sky To Social Media Troll: ‘Piss Off Prick’
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Former IMPACT Knockout Velvet Sky took to Twitter to retweet a classic WWE video featuring DX members Chyna, Rick Rude, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H. After Shawn Michaels drops his pants (partially covered by a DX sign) and moons the camera, an incensed Vince McMahon screams, “How dare you?” Velvet Sky added, “Vince’s reaction was the best part of this.”


That’s when Twitter user @carmellsworth1 (apparently a Carmella and James Ellsworth fan) chimed in with the following accusation that Sky was only tweeting WWE content to curry favor with the company:

Sky wasn’t going to just let something like that go unopposed and responded with some strong (but accurate) language, “Piss off prick. I’m not trying to get signed by them, I’m a fan of old school wrestling and I’ll tweet what tf I want.”

Perhaps Bully Ray summed it up best with the following:

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