Becky Lynch
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Becky Lynch Talks Working With Shawn Michaels And The Miz & How It Feels To Play An Antagonist In-Ring & On-Screen

Becky Lynch
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Becky Lynch spoke to Hollywood Life about her role in The Marine 6, how it felt to work alongside Shawn Michaels and The Miz, and how she feels about playing an antagonist in the movies and on WWE TV. Below are some highlights:

Becky On Working Alongside HBK and The Miz On ‘The Marine 6: Close Quarters’:

Watching how Miz navigated the film, how he conducted himself, and how he treated everybody really was just wonderful to see. He was such a great leader, really created this great atmosphere. Shawn is absolutely incredible. He was an incredible wrestler — obviously, one of the best of all time — and he’s just incredible at acting. I feel like there’s nothing he can’t do. And he was just so generous with his time and his advice. Both of them were. I loved every second of it.

Becky On What May Lay Ahead For Her In Hollywood:

Marvel sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Of course, yes, and comedy I feel like, is a genre I would probably take to pretty naturally. So, that’s something else I would like to delve into. But of course, like with a lot of action movies, there’s always that comedy element, which makes it so great.

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Becky On Playing An Antagonist In Movies And WWE TV:

Yeah, I think in the ring, it’s certainly, you see a lot of real frustration coming out, right? And I think that’s what’s resonating with people so much is that it’s real, you know? It’s that feeling of being overlooked, and of wanting to be more, and not holding anything back anymore, not trying to be liked, and going after what you truly want.

With the Maddy Hayes character, it’s going after what she feels is important. …I really, I loved playing that role, especially at the time. It was so different from what I was doing on TV, that it was a nice flip, to be able to go and play something completely different.

Becky On Being ‘The Man’ In WWE:

That confidence? You know, the thing of it is, it’s always an inside job, right? It doesn’t come overnight. This is something that I’ve been working on for a long time, and why this works so well is because we’ve seen me not have confidence. We’ve seen me persevere. We’ve seen every obstacle being thrown my way and finding a way to deal with it.

But, it’s all about believing in yourself, and I always say, you know, you’re the only person that lives in your head. So, you can walk around telling yourself how great you are all day, walk around telling yourself how bad you are all day, like, it seems a lot better to live in a place where you’re saying you’re great, you know? So, I think you just gotta constantly work on believing in yourself, and believing that you’re enough. Have faith that you’ve got everything that it takes to make it. If you put the work in? Of course, you do.

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