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Jimmy Yang’s Daughter Jazzy Makes Pro Wrestling Debut At 15 Years Old (Video)

In a feel-good story from Pro Wrestling Sheet, the fifteen-year-old daughter of former WWE and WCW Superstar Jimmy Yang made her in-ring debut alongside her father in Japan.

This occurred at Tokyo Dream 2018’s Wednesday Nitro. Jimmy Yang would team with former WWE tag team partner Kaz Hayashi against another former WCW and WWE Cruiserweight Shannon Moore who teamed with NOSAWA.

Jimmy said that at one point he fell to the floor and his daughter, Jazzy, jumped up on the apron and took the hot tag in place of her father. She would go on to do a few things including hitting Shannon Moore with a flying headscissors.

Jimmy said the following to Pro Wrestling Sheet, who also provided the video embedded above:

Tokyo dream was an amazing dream that became true. The first time that I came to Japan was in 2002 and I instantly fell in love with the country and their people. Sixteen years since that first trip and now my baby is here on her first trip, I know she is in love and it’s amazing to see it as Dad.

No words can ever explain how I felt when I saw Jazzy entered the ring for the first time but OMG, MY BABY IS A BADASS!!!

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What do you think? Will Jazzy become one of the next big women’s wrestling stars in a decade? Feel free to give your thoughts on the comments below.