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Shawn Michaels Gets In On The Elton John/Kevin Owens Fracas

Shawn Michaels Gets In On The Elton John/Kevin Owens Fracas
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Kevin Owens was so disgruntled over Elton John’s recently cancelled Orlando, Florida show that he challenged the rock icon to a match. John was forced to cancel the performance, only minutes before coming on stage, due to an ear infection. Kevin Owens, whose date night with his wife was ‘ruined’, didn’t want to hear any excuses, even from the 71 year old glam rock icon. Owens, instead challenged the man who co-wrote Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting to a match at WrestleMania.

Owens, who donned HBK style red heart shaped glasses at the cancelled show, referenced Shawn Michaels in a follow up tweet:

Michaels has since added to the fracas in an interview with Cathy Kelley for WWE NOW. The man known as the Showstopper had the following to say about Elton John’s show stopper, “What a wuss [Elton John]. Can you say that? I didn’t mean it that way. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I know I’ve wrestled under much harsher conditions than an ear infection.” That’s when Michaels was abruptly interrupted by Kevin Owens, “Elton John you cancelled – first of all it was more than five minutes. We’d been seated in those seats for thirty minutes.” Michaels asked, “Did I ever not show up when you were wearing your heart shaped glasses?” Owens responded, “You showed up and you rocked the house. Where was Elton John to rock the house?” Michaels added that he has since traded in the vintage style heart shaped glasses for ‘old man reading glasses.’

Readers can watch the entire interaction in the video below:

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