Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR

Tenille Dashwood Discusses Her Shoulder Surgery, Therapy, More

Tenille Dashwood Discusses Her Shoulder Surgery, Therapy, More
Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR

Tenille Dashwood (Emma) recently sat down with Impact Wrestling backstage interviewer Alicia Atout on her AMBY Interviews YouTube channel. Below are the highlights of the interview as well as the full interview to watch.

On her shoulder surgery:

I’ve had a huge improvement. Over the last week or two, I can kind of use my arm otherwise I was in a sling. So I can take it off now and straighten my arm. I can’t lift it up. It’s going to be a long process about six months in total when I’m finished.

On starting physical therapy:

It started the day after surgery, which I couldn’t believe. The therapist moved my arm making sure it didn’t go stiff. From what I hear this next month is supposed to be really intense. Just going to be more and more painful. I just kind of grit my teeth and put up with it and just keep doing that until it’s better.

On wrestling with her psoriasis skin condition:

People don’t realize that it’s painful. It got to the point where I started wearing extra stockings. I had like two or three layers over my legs covering all those spots that were everywhere. I wore t-shirts in all my matches because my stomach and everything was covered. My arms, I couldn’t cover because I didn’t have the right gear for it. So you can probably see on some photos the spots I had on my arms. They were like red coals, like burns. That’s how the rest of my body was.

You can watch the interview in its entirety below.

Watch AMBY’s exclusive interview with Tenille Dashwood! It’s been truly amazing to see how much Tenille Dashwood has grown over the years of her wrestling career; whether expanding her talent in the ring or inspiring people all over the world, this superstar is amazing. Dive into my latest conversation with Dashwood as we discuss recovering from surgery, doing what she loves, opening up about having psoriasis, and rocking her sunglasses.